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Vertical Tracks

This event’s agenda is focused around several fields that are transforming science and industry.

Deep Learning & Artificial Intelligence

The Deep Learning & Artificial Intelligence Track focuses on state-of-the-art work powered by GPU technology for image classification, video analytics, speech recognition, and natural language processing. Attendees can get access to live sessions given by academic and industry peers, participate in hands-on labs and tutorials using the most popular deep learning frameworks, fine tune GPU computing skills with labs and have direct access to NVIDIA engineers.

Accelerated Computing

Discover how your peers from around the world are accelerating discovery and insight with GPUs. With a variety of sessions in an array of computational research domains complimented by hands on developer labs and tutorials, GTC is one of the most significant conferences for accelerated computing in the region.

Virtual Reality & Professional Visualization

The Virtual Reality & Pro Viz Track is designed for creative and technical professionals across a variety of industries. Learn how NVIDIA solutions meet the needs of professional application developers, VR headset manufacturers, and end users.